The Art of Richard Freitas

What I do has a timelessness about it. I am certain that I was born to do this.
A lot of ordinary things are beautiful or remarkable if you look at them carefully. I try to describe with paint and brushes the things I see.
I paint on smooth surfaced panels that have been sealed with an absorbant primer called gesso and added marble dust. Oil paint dries very slowly, so I have lots of time to change my mind. I'm using materials and techniques very similar to those used 400 years ago. I consider it an honor to work in the old way.


I welcome your comments and curiosity. If you would like to commission my work or purchase an already completed piece, I would certainly welcome that as well.

Email: Richard@FreitasFineArt.com

Phone: (559) 977-7678

Address: 90 E. Escalon #126, Fresno CA 93710